Ct Thunderbird.com


Welcome! This is our new website!

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration and maintainence of Thunderbirds as well as other classic cars. Many of our members own and restore many different makes and models of antique and classic cars. We hold monthly meetings througout the year, discussing restoration projects and helping each other with the maintainence of our cars. Some of our members work in auto related businesses while all enjoy the antique and classic cars as a hobby. 

Our fund raising activities benefit the Nerden Camp in Middlefield, Conn. that we have helped sponsor for many years. This organization relies solely on contributions from service groups and individuals who want to bring joy to mentally or physically challenged people. The monies we donate to the Nerden Camp help to pay for individuals attending this summer day camp as well as help to support the maintainence of the physical camp. 

We are in the process of developing this website to keep our current members informed of the club's activities and meeting dates. This will include the minutes of each meeting and upcoming activities. 

There is much more to come so please keep on checking this website.